Versatile Baritone available for bookings of all forms: oratorio, recital, choral, operatic or otherwise.

Birmingham based, Derbyshire raised. 


NB: this is list is not exhaustive; please contact Andrew for more information

Art Song

English song

Benjamin Britten         

Songs and Proverbs of William Blake (Op. 74);

George Butterworth    

6 Songs from A Shropshire lad (1911)  |  Brendon Hill & Other songs (1912);

Andrew Downes          

Casterbridge Fair, five songs for baritone and piano (1973);

Gerald Finzi                     

By Footpath and Stile, 6 songs for baritone and string quartet  |  Earth and Air and Rain, 10 songs for baritone and piano  |  I said to Love, 6 songs for baritone and piano  |  Let us Garlands Bring, 5 Shakespeare songs for baritone and piano;

John Ireland                    

Songs Sacred and Profane, 6 songs for baritone and piano  |  2 Songs: Tryst (in Fountain Court), and During Music (1928) & other individual songs;

Michael Tippett                

Songs for Ariel, 3 Shakespeare songs for voice and piano;

Ralph Vaughan Williams  

Songs of Travel, 9 songs for baritone and piano  |  & many other individual works.


German LiedEr

Ludwig Van Beethoven     

An Die Ferne Geliebte

Franz Schubert

Selections from: Die Schöne Müllerin  |  Winterriese

Robert Schumann

Dictherliebe  |  Gesänge des Harfners Op. 98 (Nos. 4/6/8)

Hugo Wolf

Selections from: Spanisches Liederbuch |  Italienisches Liederbuch

French Song

André Caplet

Cinq Ballades Françaises de Paul Fort

Claude Debussy    

Romance, L'âme évaporée  |  Nuit d'Etoiles

Gabriel Fauré

Le Secret  |  Les Berceaux  |  Après un Rêve  |  & many others

Maurice Ravel

Don Quichotte à Dulcinée